My journey through the MARA program has been equally challenging and rewarding. Difficult and thought provoking assignments and projects have pushed me to my academic limits and beyond. The growth of knowledge that I have experienced has rounded me into an enthusiastic recordkeeping professional who is eager to put their knowledge and training to the test.

In an effort to practice in the fields in which I have studied so thoroughly, I have begun applying for positions in both the records management and archival fields. Having no current preference in the actual title or duties, I will entertain any option that fits within the scope of my degree. Long-term, after I have gained experience in either field, I would like to start my own consulting firm for records management. My passion for recordkeeping is such that I want to be able to offer my expertise to small businesses and start-ups to ensure that they found their organizations on solid recordkeeping policies and procedures. Guiding them through the process at an early time in their organization will hopefully allow them to instill practices that will be cost and time efficient which will in turn support profitability and their future success.

Finally, I would like to thank the professors that have guided my learning throughout the MARA program by providing quick and helpful feedback, fair grading of assignments, professional expertise and more than anything—encouragement! It is evident in every way that each faculty member has a passion for their field and a passion for sharing their knowledge through teaching. Never before have I come across a more caring and united higher education department. The lessons that I have learned and the professional relationships that I have formed will guide me for the rest of my career—thank you!