Welcome to my E-portfolio—the culmination of my works submitted and projects completed in my time with San José State University’s Master in Archives and Records Administration program. This portfolio serves to prove my understanding of the program’s nine Core Competencies. Each competency has three sections—Interpretation, where I explain what the competency means to me; Evidence, where I provide complete works and projects to support my understanding; and Conclusion, where I provide examples of how I have used my Competency knowledge. The submission of these nine Competency documents serves in the place of a Master’s thesis.

Prior to the Competency submissions, you will find my Professional Philosophy which is a personal reflection on my time in the MARA program, an iteration of the topics that are important to me, and a compilation of my professional goals. I also cover texts and journal articles that impacted my understanding of the RIM and archival professions and influenced and still drive my passion to learn to this day.

It is my hope that through this portfolio you will be able to see my passion for the records management and archival fields and you will take away a greater appreciation for the role of the recordkeeper and their essential position in our society.